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ElectaSeo work every day with a lot of projects to get the best seo solution and here we update only the last few.

Seo Marketing Agency - biocare lab laboratory

Medical Analysis Laboratories,is a new laboratory that was opened at the beginning of this year, but they had a problem, because they were not able to rank even on the second page of google.

Our Seo Solution

After we consulted and did an audit of the site, we came to the conclusion that the web was not optimized for any keyword, something that made ranking impossible, by implementing aggressive strategies and working hard with Local Seo, we made it possible for the site to reach unexpected results, in just 2 months the page is ranked on the first page of google, and has reached from 0 to 60.000 – 80.000 clicks per month, 50% are converted into customers.

Seo Marketing-wedding-photography - project

Is a  new photo studio in Tuscany, Italy, which was going through a very bad period because they did not have many clicks and had a very high Bouce Rate 65%.Beign e new company and having only 100 click for month it was a very big problem , because they need to convert, need klients, need call.

Our Seo Solution

After contacting us, we noticed that the page needed a more contemporary design, also a total content formatting and a wide seo campaign, after applying our seo solution strategies, also doing social media optimization, la venere reached a traffic of 70.000 clicks per month,
and a bouce rate of 25% from the 65 % that was at the beginning.



Is a European company that produces feed and medicines for farm animals, after they contacted us, the whole team worked hard to see the main problems, and to improve.

what we noticed was that the site had a poor design and there was little information about the product or the purpose of the company, so it was not clear what it was about.

Our Seo Solution

From several small marketing campaigns, we realized that there was interest in that field, but a redesign and SEO were needed. So, after we understood the mistakes and where we should intervene, we made it possible for Saturan to have a simple design that well expressed the meaning of the page. In this project, we undertook some aggressive seo and digital marketing strategies, because the client had a very short deadline, but I got very good results, since there were requests.
maioli pastry- seo optimized

Maioli Pastry.

Is an Italian pastry shop in Ripoli that makes typical traditional and modern, fresh and very tasty sweets.

Our Seo Solution

They asked for our help for the optimization of social networks, mainly Instagram and Facebook, and after a very short time the results came from 100 followers, reaching 6502, and we are constantly working for more.
ellipse-form-gradient-for seo-company

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